Who's Around?

Started by brinker


So this forum is pretty quiet, and I'd like to see about changing that. Who all is around, and what is your background?


Hi @brinker! That's a great idea!

I'm a PL enthusiast as well. My day job is text-to-speech at Google. I am an amateur in the PL field, though I've recently been contributing to Waxeye, a language-agnostic parser generator, and RacketScript, a Racket-to-JavaScript compiler.

I am primarily interested in type systems and program verification (I have @ilyasergey to thank for my interest in the latter), especially in transferring advances in these from theory and academic software to engineering practices.


Hi! I'm a software engineer not working on anything related to programming languages (unfortunately), but with general interest in them and related topics. I've done a bunch of toy projects involving implementations of programming languages like interpreters, compilers and partial evaluators.

I don't have any relevant side-project at the moment, though I have some ideas I would like to get implemented someday.


Because I didn't share my info earlier: I am an enthusiast hoping to become more than an enthusiast. I contribute to the Rust programming language and am active in the community, and I currently teach an undergraduate intro to programming languages course at California State University, San Bernardino. I also sometimes tinker with my own implementation of the R7RS small specification, called Ruse.


I'm a programming language researcher (I'm interested mostly in type systems and functional programming language) and contributor to the OCaml compiler distribution and language ecosystem. I came here from Lambda-the-Ultimate, to which I try to contribute whenever I have time/energy to do so – by picking research articles that I find interesting and writing a blurb about them, with a link.


I am not a researcher and not enthusiastic about anything. Meanwhile, lately, I keep myself busy implementing a small language called Egel, a tiny toy language based on untyped eager combinatorial rewriting.

Brian Jacobs

Hi, all. I'm a hardware engineer working in high-speed ethernet. I took a lambda calculus course in college (with the wonderful Professor Statman of CMU) and have been a hobbyist fan of programming language design ever since. I have very little other background in PL, other than that I sometimes write parsers during my day job.