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Software engineer at Google, working on text-to-speech synthesis.

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Hi @brinker! That's a great idea!

I'm a PL enthusiast as well. My day job is text-to-speech at Google. I am an amateur in the PL field, though I've recently been contributing to Waxeye, a language-agnostic parser generator, and RacketScript, a Racket-to-JavaScript compiler.

I am primarily interested in type systems and program verification (I have @ilyasergey to thank for my interest in the latter), especially in transferring advances in these from theory and academic software to engineering practices.

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f(n)={n2,if n is even3n+1,if n is oddf(n) = \begin{cases} \frac{n}{2}, & \text{if } n \text{ is even} \\ 3n+1, & \text{if } n \text{ is odd} \end{cases}

The code for the example above is:

f(n) = \begin{cases}
  \frac{n}{2}, & \text{if } n \text{ is even} \\
  3n+1,        & \text{if } n \text{ is odd}

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1puts "Hello, #{user}"
2add_5 = -> x { x + 5 }
4class Greeter
5  # ...

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